Africa Style Daily [ASD] Interviews Ghana Fashion & Design Week

Accra, Ghana – Buzz-worthy is an understatement. What the brains behind Ghana Fashion & Design Week have accomplished over the last few months has been nothing short of trailblazing. In rapid succession they’ve announced Vogue Italia, Porsche and Blackberry as sponsors of their upcoming show in October.  In the global scheme of Fashion Week events, scoring world-recognized brands as a sponsor is a matter of course and to be expected. But in the still-developing fashion climate of Western Africa this is a major – and welcomed – coup. We sat down with the team behind GFDW to discuss their strategy, their success and what attendees have to look forward to when the event launches. Our exclusive Q&A is below.

ASD: You’ve been remarkably successful in getting blue-chip sponsors for your show. Was it a difficult process?
GFDW: Finding the right companies to partner with as sponsors involves a lot of underground work and not simple. Sometimes, companies you would like to partner with may not share the same vision and values, and can be fairly difficult. Nonetheless both the positive and negative experiences gained are worth the time.

ASD: What impact has the event experienced already since the announcement of Porsche/Blackbery/Vogue coming on board?
GFDW:  The event has attracted the attention of a wider audience globally with keen interest in what is to come. And the vibe has been a very positive one indeed.

ASD: How do you think this positions GFDW in relation to other fashion shows on the continent?
GFDW:  We believe it is more to do with the vision, and how the visionary message is carried through the presentation of the organization. That is what makes the difference. GFDW is is very new, but has made a positive impact on the continent, and beyond, which is very impressive. Thanks to our sponsors who believed in our vision and shares in our values for development.

ASD: What other exciting elements can audiences look forward to at your show at Movenpick Ambassador Hotel?
GFDW: The Exhibition POP-UP Salon will showcase a mixture of designer items, audience can buy unique items on the spot to take away. Inspirational seminars will run alongside the event, bringing with it very interesting topics worth sharing. And of course the shows will reveal exciting collections, fresh, contemporary, and in spring for the buyers and audience. The rest is a surprise the audience will have to come and experience it!

ASD: Any confirmations on designers?
GFDW: The Designer list is very international, formal announcement of Designer participants will made public very soon on our website.

ASD:Finally, can you let readers know how and when to purchase tickets to attend?
GFDW: Tickets for the event can be purchased directly through our website very soon too, and, it will be possible for both local and  international guests to be able to make a purchase to attend via; (which you can also access here.)



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    “Africa Style Daily [ASD] Interviews Ghana
    Fashion & Design Week ” was indeed seriously pleasurable and helpful!
    Within todays society honestly, that is very difficult to manage.
    Thank you, Vernell

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