Innovative Fashion Designer Sarah Duah shares insight of her brand and experience as a participant of Ghana Fashion & Design Week 2012 


There can be no doubt that Ghana Fashion & Design Week was a success as a first step in the development of Ghana’s Fashion and textile industry. The event achieved its goal of gathering international and local fashion designers from the continent and raising their profile with incalculable international press. Amongst the designers, Sarah Duah based in Germany stood out with a collection only a few will dare to create, by using hair beyond any ‘realistic’ sense of the word. Sarah creates beautiful show stopping pieces which evokes your thoughts by stretching your creative imagination. We caught up with Sarah recently to talk about her work and her experience of been in Ghana. 

You took part in GFDW 2012, as a designer what was your experience of been in Ghana and showcasing at GFDW?

It was my first stay in Ghana after 20 years and I had an amazing time.
I really felt the energy of the people and of Ghana. It was definitely a challenge showing my collection at GFDW to an international audience.

How important do you think it is that new designers and entrepreneurs like yourself have a platform such as this?

It is very important for an artist to use these platforms to reach the international fashion world. You meet a lot of people for your Network and its also a opportunity for yourself to grow and to learn from people of your buisness

Do you think more should be done across the continent in support of the creative and manufacturing industry in Africa?

Yes of course. Because there is so much potential, energy and creativity. At GFDW it was an important subject.

What do you feel you can take from your GFDW experience, and where will it take the ‘Sarah Duah’ brand?

Right now I am doing my Master studies in Fashion. Its very important for me that people get to know my work, getting to know Sarah Ama Duah. Especially in Ghana, because thats were my roots are. After GFDW there was a lot of good and international response.

What has been your greatest moment on your creative journey so far?

To establish the feeling that this is exactly what I want to do. Creating.I am so grateful to find that out so early. And this confidence makes me put in all the energy I got.

What do you have in mind for your next collection, any ideas yet?

Right know I am working on a collection. Its something I had on my mind for a long time and its great to relief this inner picture. Be surprised.

How can you be contacted?

I am based in Germany – Hamburg right now. If you are interested in pieces of the collection or special orders . Just contact me by mail.




Facebook: AMA 


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