Innovative fashion describes German designer Sarah Ama Duah’s avant-garde collection; the one to watch as recently described by Vogue UK Magazine, Sarah continues to push the innovative boundaries for her collections, which are skilfully created using unconventional materials turning them into wearable garments. As an artist Sarah is strongly inspired by her surroundings, including elements such as hair.Sarah’s love for exploring and experimenting with technology infused with her creative ideas pushes the art of fashion beyond familiar boundaries into the realms of intricate patterns and authentic pieces beyond one imagination. Sarah’s carefully selected cuts and shapes, brings her imaginations to life as wearable garments.This season, Sarah Ama Duah has created a new collection – MOLD – “The bag I carry inside” Everyone carries their own personal package. Unrealised ideas, wishes and thoughts. Some grow in the subconscious mind, making their way to the surface and become visible … the stage at which the dresses begin.The inner picture is visualised and translated into mouldable structures  that melt with the body.Using basic shapes with a focus on covered details. Each Fabric is constructed by the technique of bonding, with warm pastel colours as the palette for the collection.SARAH-AMA-DUAH-GHANA-FASHION-DESIGN-WEEK-2013





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