Organic Root Stimulator™ recently re-branded to ORS™ stands as the number one brand in the Ethnic Hair care market, offering a full range of products that combines the best of science and nature to give the hair exactly what it needs to thrive and flourish.  ORS™ products were conceived, developed and marketed by Namasté Laboratories, LLC. Namasté is a Hindi term which means “to bow to the divinity within.” At Namasté Labs we interpret that to mean “to serve the beauty within,” which is accomplished through a new and™ exciting hair care system ORS™- that gets to the root of healthy hair. Utilising a groundbreaking approach that successfully integrates blended herbs and other ingredients, Namasté has developed a unique product line that responds to consumer demand for products that really work. Unlike most products that are cosmetic in nature, ORS™ actually delivers on its promise of effective hair care. It is a superior quality hair care system that conditions hair and scalp damaged by medication, hereditary conditions and health problems, as well as damage caused by relaxers, blow-drying and braids. Hair and scalp are conditioned to a healthier-looking and wholesome state. ORS™ will be available for purchase during GFDW exhibition and also work their magic on all the models with their products.



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