At the age of twenty, Nana Menyin Kwofie enrolled in a secretarial school, but her love for fashion led her to drop out and thus began her journey to pursue her dream career. As an apprentice to Mrs Monique Sergoe, a Zaire-born fashion designer, she learned enough to eventually start her own women’s wear label which she called Nameko Secrets. Now renamed to NMK Klodin, her brand is known for haute couture and ready to wear garments. Her growth as a designer led to a love for tailor-made and structured clothing. Combined with her experience and fashion courses in the United States, Nana has become known for her dramatic, tailored, inflated and constructive creations.

In June 2013 Nana graduated with a degree in Fashion Design from Radford University College, and plans to launch a fashion and design school in October. She currently employs eight people and the numbers are still growing. For her final collection, her inspiration comes from the stripes and shapes of Zebra, tailored to flatter the female shape.



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