The young Ghanaian design duo, who are the co-creative directors for their label Améyo, have cultivated a signature look that reflects a fusion of playful chic, with laid back elegance. Améyo will officially launch their debut RTW womenswear collection in mid-February 2012. This is expected to embody the contemporary fashion of their African roots, which in the new age, combines vibrant traditional wax-print fabrics, with other materials to create tasteful styles that reflect the sophistication of the modern African woman. Klekleli and Netty are inspired by their mutual interest in what they like to call “The New Heritage” African fashion. These are styles that exude an authentic African signature, yet are appealing to women globally. Klekleli has a Tertiary Diploma in Textiles and Fashion Design from the Kumasi Polytechnic. Netty studied Fashion Design at the Vogue Fashion School in Accra.



M: (+233) 24 2566 297 T:

T: (+233) 30 2950 911

E: netty@ameyofashionhouse.com

W: http://www.ameyofashionhouse.com


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