Newly crowned Miss Black USA – Madison Gibbs to visit Ghana for the first time, hosted at Ghana Fashion and Design Week (GFDW 2015) Event.


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Newly crowned Miss Black USA – Madison Gibbs to visit Ghana for the first time, hosted at Ghana Fashion and Design Week (GFDW 2015) event, bridging Africa–America to Africa.

Accra, 1 September 2015 – Ghana Fashion & Design Week (GFDW) is pleased to welcome to the City of Accra newly crowned Miss Black USA – Madison Gibbs, and the Founder of the scholarship pageant organization, international Philanthropist Karen Arrington at the event this October 23 – 25, 2015.

The Scholarship Pageant organization, which has been in operation for the past 25 years in the USA, is the nation’s first scholarship pageant for African American women, with a mission that is focused on providing thoughtful education support system, for the development of African-American young women, through which they have gone on to becoming successful in their careers.

The organization extends its interest in bridging Africa-America to Africa for an insightful experience of the motherland, choosing Ghana Fashion and Design Week platform for commerce as a perfect focal point to initiate its new journey of discovery for the crowned beauty of 2015 to learn, explore and gain knowledge on one of Africa’s most hospitable countries at the event this year.

We are pleased that GFDW platform provides the international capacity for a meaningful exchange of other opportunities beyond fashion business, for intellectual, cultural and social development.
Crowned beauty Madison Gibbs will fully participate at the event, including her involvement in the Catwalk presentations. Madison will also meet Fashion Design Graduates from Radford University College in Ghana who are currently in development at the GFDW New Talent Spot™ initiative space for an exchange of cultural ideas, and learn more about Ghana’s education experience as she prepares to start her higher education life’s journey at the prestigious Howard University in the USA.

Founder and CEO Karen Arrington, mother to all the crowned beauties for the past 25 years will be in the company of Madison Gibbs, fully supporting her during her visit to Ghana at GFDW. Karen, who has visited Ghana before in meeting with the Minister of Tourism and visiting the Presidential palace, is also a Goodwill Ambassador to Gambia, Empowerment Coach and International philanthropist. We are excited about this year event, and look forward to welcoming all local and international guests and participants for a truly global experience in Accra.

GFDW 2015 event this year is supported by its renowned sponsors and media partners including; Mercedes-Benz, Silver Star Auto Ltd. Ghana, Vogue Italia, Business Day Ghana Newspaper, Fashion One TV (USA), ABN TV (UK), Business & Financial Times Newspaper (Ghana), SPICE TV (Nigeria), Neighbourhood Gong (Ghana), HauTe Fashion Africa (Online), Africa Business 2020 (UK) (Global Online), Time Out Accra, and (Ghana).


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About GFDW:
Ghana Fashion & Design Week®  (GFDW) is Ghana’s most innovative fashion business week platform, pioneering innovation in fashion business and creativity. An international platform for commerce envisioned to support, direct and lead both emerging and established creative business practitioners. The event focus is directed at fashion and product design entrepreneurs, including accessories and interior design practitioners in Ghana, and in the Diaspora of the mother continent, alongside international designers, and businesses to showcase and exhibit their collections and products to a global audience for trade and marketing.
GFDW New Talent Spot™ initiative space empowers and supports the development of talented nascent new graduates. Focused on providing essential business start-up continuity and creative design support as they transit from graduates to becoming new creative business entrepreneurs in Ghana.
ETHIKHA™ platform at GFDW centers on Ethical Fashion & Sustainability development, dedicated to designers and social enterprises committed to driving social impact through fashion and design innovation, to improve the lives of society’s underprivileged.



Written & Released by: Ghana Fashion & Design Week


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