1:2:1 with Emerging Designer Afua Biney


1:2:1 with AFUA BINEY

GFDW: What is your full name.
Afua Biney: My name is AFUA ANIMA BINEY.

GFDW: When did you graduate.
Afua Biney: I graduated in June 2014.

GFDW: Which University or Institution did you graduate from, and where is this based.
Afua Biney: I graduated from Radford University College, East Legon, Accra.

GFDW: What course did you study at this University, what was the duration of the course, and why did you choose to study this course.
Afua Biney: I studied Fashion Design for 4 years. I wanted to pursue a career in garment design and construction.

GFDW: As a new Fashion Design Graduate, where do you hope to go from here.
Afua Biney: I hope to go global, to become a household name.

GFDW: What have you learned as a Graduate designer that you think makes you different from others without a similar background.
Afua Biney: Going through the design process to create unique designs and considering customer profile.

GFDW: You won the Silver Star Award of Excellence at the Radford University Graduate Fashion week this year (2014). You were also selected to take part in the IED Moda 2014 Show in Milan under the ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative.How has these experiences influenced your life as a new graduate designer.
Afua Biney: Well, that has given me a great exposure and connected me to a lot of people.

GFDW: Your graduate collection was greatly applauded by the audience during the graduate fashion week.
What was the inspiration behind your collection? And, what kind of woman is it targeted at.
Afua Biney: My inspiration was from Death, and narrowed down to Egyptian Mummies. The Wrap up collection is targeted at the Chic modern woman, who appreciates and quality.


GFDW: On the same note, you were selected for development support under the Ghana Fashion & Design Week® NEW TALENT SPOT™ initiative space. As the first new talent to be placed, how do you think this will help you go forward in your creative career as a new Graduate designer.
Afua Biney: This opportunity is another stepping stone into the fashion industry world, and another experience for me to participate in a big fashion show in my own country.

GFDW: What advice do you have for young talents who wish to follow a creative career? What should they do to achieve their goal successfully.
Afua Biney: The advice I have for young talents is to be diligent in everything they do, they should do a lot of research, and learn more, because education has no end, it takes a lot of great effort to achieve good work.

GFDW: What should we expect to see from the new fashion designer star – Afua Biney in the future.
Afua Biney: Great things. In summary everything good, neat, unique and elegant.

GFDW: We take this opportunity to welcome you to GFDW New Talent Spot™ initiative space; we are excited to see how you develop from here!

Afua Biney: Thank you. I am glad to be a part of this initiative too.

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