6 Surprising Things You Should Know About Studio 189 – Ethical Fashion Brand

STUDIO 189 shares with us in an exclusive interview on the ETHIKHA platform,
6 surprising things about the brand that will inspire your fashion choice and sense!

We all wish to experience and go through life’s journey in comfort and happiness, one of the many ways we do this, is by choosing to wear clothes that makes as feel great and look good.
However, so often, we do not stop to think about how our clothes are made, and if they are ethically and fairly produced, before we step into wearing and loving that which makes us feel so good!
This is why we are particularly keen on supporting and shining the light on social impact creative businesses at GFDW ETHIKHA, whose love for fashion, design and production are  immersed in producing ethical fashion, and developing sustainable businesses that elevate and empower people socially and economically, with the ability to revive and protect our heritage craftsmanship and environment. Studio 189 Abrima Erwiah shares exclusively with us below –

Q.  What inspired your brand name, and ethos behind Studio 189?

We believe in the concept of collaborating and working together with many creatives to achieve  shared purpose. When I conceived of the name I was living on the lower east side across from where Rosario grew up. I wanted to bring together many different creatives – photographers, artists, designers, videographers, actors, graphic designers etc… and I was living at 189 Avenue A. Thus Studio 189 came to being. I was inspired by Rosario and the neighborhood where she was raised. The creativity is alive and well and today we work with the lower east side girls club and that is where we also do all our presentations… it’s all about paying it forward and collaborating. 


Q.  Who wears Studio 189, where can they where it to, and what are the most popular items trending now at studio 189.

A person that is eclectic. Someone who has their own sense of style. Someone who is confident and not afraid of making something their own. We use a lot of prints and colors and the style is very loose fit and at times androgynous… so it’s someone who travels and wants easy pieces that are well made, are modern but have personality and can compliment your existing wardrobe. 

The andy boyfriend shirt is very popular. the large Jazzy Jeff skirt is a great piece. Made with a lot of detail. We have a mechanic jumpsuit currently on sale at Yoox that does very well as well as the silk button down andy shirt which you can also find at Yoox. There are loads of great items to choose from. One of Rosario’s favorites is the a-line skirt, and I am a big fan of the silk caftan. both available on Yoox.


Q.  Where are the materials sourced, is indigo a dyeing the main focus, and are all the products made in Ghana.

We work with artisans mainly in Ghana. Our indigo comes from Mali and the north of Ghana and the Bogolan comes from Mali. We use Kente from Kumasi and we do our batik work in Cape Coast. Cotton comes from Ghana and we have another cotton that is from Italy. silk is from Italy.

Q.  Why did you choose ethical fashion as your brand focus in Ghana, and why is that important to you?

We choose to work across the value chain working with lots of different people that make our clothes, your clothes along the way… we like to know who they are, their story and see how we can add value along the process. What’s is important to us and what we find fascinating is to be able to do your best to understand who made your clothes… not just by saying it but actually getting to know the various players and understanding that they are each talented artist and seeing how we can collaborate together and grow together. 

Q.  Your 2 favourite pieces from your latest collection, and why?

I am a huge fan of the big skirt look. It’s very detailed and takes a lot of work to produce. I don’t have a favorite piece. I made the collection so I love it all! I also love this look from the mens collection… it’s very cool. 



Q.  Your favourite region in Ghana, and what key craftsmanship and creative skills do you appreciate from this region?

 I just came back from the north… I thought it was breathtaking. I usually go west. I don’t have  favorite. Ghana is amazing because each region is so different. I am a big fan of woven fabrics and I find kente weaving to be very impressive. I am also a big fan of batik and the work that my batiker Aggie does is stunning and takes a lot of handwork to do. I have a lot of respect for her talent. The list goes on and on… that’s why we work with so many communities! 

We are building an artisan craft center in the volta…this is going to be a wonderful place to for craft… stay tuned ! 


 Webiste: http://www.studiooneeightynine.com

Shop Ethical Fashion by Studio One 189 here:
Maison de Mode in San Francisco
Studio One Eighty Nine – Shop in Osu in Accra, Ghana.
Atrium in NYC
Biffi in Italy

Written by Ghana Fashion & Design Week.

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