Business Day Ghana re-joins Ghana Fashion & Design Week in support of the Business event as Media Partner (GFDW 2016)

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Business Day Ghana re-joins Ghana Fashion & Design Week in support of the Business event as Media Partner (GFDW 2016)

(Accra, 18 August 2016 ) – Business Day Ghana re-joins Ghana Fashion & Design Week once again this year in media partnership. The renowned Newspaper publication, focused on Business and financial news related to all industry sectors development in Ghana, join forces with GFDW as a local Media support partner of the platform’s creative business and designer entrepreneurs development.

Business Day Ghana is a 56- page business newspaper that provides in-depth reports and analysis of Ghana’s finance and economy – covering a wide range of grounds namely banking and finance, commodity and markets, telecommunications, agriculture, the cocoa industry, tourism and hospitality, real estate, transportation, international trade, healthcare services, fashion, entertainment and sports.

Printed to come out every Monday, the Newsspaper is targeted at corporate decision-makers and policy makers, Business Schools, as well as international institutions, companies and investors with interest in Ghana and beyond. With a reading audience and clients that represent the elite from business, political and academic circles and are people who have influence over the direction of their countries and companies.
Focused on publishing news of relevance, Business Day Ghana offers its readers an in-depth analysis of business events.

Business Day extends to Nigeria with a subsidiary that contains local news content, as well as contents from Financial Times (UK), Harvard Business Review, Reuters, The Economists, among others, providing one-stop shop information to corporate decision-makers and policy makers. With a circulation of 30,000 across the nation, readers and are provided with factual and accurate news.

Designed to provide insightful commentary and analysis on this dynamic and extraordinary country, which is recording significant growth. With specialist contributors presenting complex business subject with clarity, untangling issues affecting Ghanaian and the global economy through concise and informed articles.  Business Day Ghana focuses on objectively exploring, promoting, and discussing Ghana’s enormous potentials both in Ghana and around the world.

Business Day Ghana joins GFDW 2016 and renowned partners this year including; Mercedes-Benz, Silver Star Auto Ltd. Gh, Sai Gh, Canon(Oman Fofor Gh) Grey Goose, Vogue Italia, Time Out Accra, Business Day Ghana Newspaper, The Guardian Newspaper & Lifestyle (Nigeria), Complete Fashion Magazine (Nigeria), Pulse Gh, Fashion One TV (USA), EventLabgh (Gh) & Neighbourhood Gong(Gh).


_GFDW-2016prls-image-_GFDW-2016prls-image-BusinessDay-Gh-mediaGFDW 2016 EVENT INFORMATION

For interested Press, Media, Retail Buyers, Photographers and Videographers. 
or access via this link:

TICKETS  available to purchase on the GFDW website for anyone wishing to attend the Press & Media Enquiries

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About GFDW:
Ghana Fashion & Design Week®  (GFDW) is Ghana’s most innovative fashion business week platform, pioneering innovation in fashion business and creativity. An international platform for commerce envisioned to support, direct and lead both emerging and established creative business practitioners. The event focus is directed at fashion and product design entrepreneurs, including accessories and interior design practitioners in Ghana, and in the Diaspora of the mother continent, alongside international designers, and businesses to showcase and exhibit their collections and products to a global audience for trade and marketing.
GFDW New Talent Spot™ initiative space empowers and supports the development of talented nascent new graduates. Focused on providing essential business start-up continuity and creative design support as they transit from graduates to becoming new creative business entrepreneurs in Ghana.
ETHIKHA™ platform at GFDW centers on Ethical Fashion & Sustainability development, dedicated to designers and social enterprises committed to driving social impact through fashion and design innovation, to improve the lives of society’s underprivileged.



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