GHANA FASHION & DESIGN WEEK 2016 (New Talent Spot) – BLVCK ST. by Shika Odamtten


blvck-st-by-shika-odamtten-8284 blvck-st-by-shika-odamtten-8285blvck-st-by-shika-odamtten-8280

blvck-st-by-shika-odamtten-8286 blvck-st-by-shika-odamtten-8287 blvck-st-by-shika-odamtten-8288 blvck-st-by-shika-odamtten-8289 blvck-st-by-shika-odamtten-8291 blvck-st-by-shika-odamtten-8293 blvck-st-by-shika-odamtten-8295 blvck-st-by-shika-odamtten-8297 blvck-st-by-shika-odamtten-8298 blvck-st-by-shika-odamtten-8299 blvck-st-by-shika-odamtten-8302 blvck-st-by-shika-odamtten-8303  blvck-st-by-shika-odamtten-8305 blvck-st-by-shika-odamtten-8307


blvck-st-by-shika-odamtten-8308 blvck-st-by-shika-odamtten-8309 blvck-st-by-shika-odamtten-8311

Photos: © Nana Asempa (@retold)   |  GFDW 2016
Use of Photos must include copyright details.

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