6 Amazing Things Revealed By Bohten Eyewear – Sustainable Luxury Brand

BOHTEN Eyewear reveals 6 amazing things about the brand in this exclusive interview with ETHIKHA at GFDW. The sustainable luxury eyewwear brand made out of reclaimed materials exudes tasteful modern classic designs, innovation and simplicity. Fresh and still growing, but a force to be reckoned with, the brand has been shown love from famous Rap Artist – Chance The Rapper wearing it recently. Visionary founder Nana Boateng Osei reveals amazing insight that we are excited to share below!


Q. What inspired your brand name, and ethos behind Bohten?

The name Bohten was inspired by our roots and global perspective that developed from living in different countries growing up. We wanted something that was a nod to our Ghanaian heritage but also gave us the opportunity to add something new to it. Our ethos is an exploration of personal style and nature; stemming essentially from finding ways to use what has been discarded by others (like wood) to produce handcrafted eyewear.

Q. Who wears Bohten, and is there a particular design shape that is trending now?

That is a hard question because it varies from season to season. I would say our core market is made up of young professionals (in their 20s and 30s) who are savvy and care a great deal about what they consume and what they support. However, we have a growing number of older clientele (55+) who are customers as well. Our prescription glasses, especially the Hansons and Jetters seem to be trending currently.

bohten hanson matte and tortoise-gfdw
Hanson Matte & Tortoise Design

Q. Your wooden frames are made of reclaimed wood sourced in Ghana; are the products also made in Ghana?

We source wood from a number of places in West Africa such as Ghana and the  Ivory Coast. Local production is actually in the works; with plans to have a fully fledged local facility by 2017.

Wanderlusts Dusk 2016 IH
Wanderlust Design

Q. Why did you choose to focus on sustainable luxury, and why is that important to you?

We focus on sustainable luxury for three main reasons; the kind of customer experience we are developing, where we want to position ourselves in the global market, and because the global luxury market is one of the least sustainable industries in the world and we want to be part of that change for the better. The current market trend shows high-end brands have started modifying their models and policies to support increased sustainability and have instituted initiatives that are more beneficial to the environment. Consumers are also more supportive and overall happier with more sustainable companies. We are happy to be at the forefront of this trend.

Q. Your 2 favourite pieces from your collection, and why?

The Wanderlusts and Jetter Opticals are my favorites because they are a progression of designs we tested out earlier in the company’s history and were pretty unique; a mix of functionality and retro badassness. The Jetters use not only reclaimed wood but titanium and rubberized tips to give it ultra comfort and a clean, modern look. The Wanderlusts exude character, being big and bold and possessing an overall “fun in the sun” vibe to them.

Jetter OpticalsJetter Opticals Design

Q. Your favourite region in Ghana, and what key craftsmanship and creative skills do you appreciate from this region.

Concerning craftsmanship and creative skills, I think the Northern Region has a lot to offer in culinary experiences, weaving techniques and and interesting fabrics. The people of Kwahu of the Eastern Region are also known for the business acumen but we might be biased haha! [laughs..]


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