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Ghana Fashion & Design Week® – NEW TALENT SPOT™ Initiative space launched in 2014 in line with the platform’s ethos of Vision, Education and Creation.

The initiative focuses on new graduates selected from multi-faceted design background and creative arts disciplines, in collaboration with Universities, Higher Institutions and Speciality Academies dedicated to fashion design and multi-discipline creative arts education in Ghana.

The New Talent Spot™ (NTS) space launched with an initial collaboration between GFDW and Radford University College (RUC) in Ghana, introducing Radford University’s new graduate designer – Afua Biney as the first talent spotted at the space for development support.

New Talent Spot Digital Curation Space provides off the ground dedicated media support focused on showcasing selected new graduate’s work and thier progression locally and globally.

The space serves as an incubator for transition from creative education to creative business development, bridging the gap between graduation and industry, providing needed development support for business continuity for the selected new graduate(s) in establishing sustainable creative business as future entrepreneurs in Ghana and Africa.

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Steve French Oduro and Sama Fletcher are the TWO new 2016 Graduates from Radford University College, Ghana, selected for development and support at the NTS initiative space in 2016/2017.
Each Graduate’s work projects their unique signature in design development and highlights their inspiration from conception to completion.


Inspiration: Asylum

Steve French takes inspiration from The  Asylum (Mental illness) to create “Beautiful Imperfection” SS16. Mental illness which is generally perceived to be negative was researched and explored, where beauty’s was seen in something that is generally regarded as ugly and frightening. This collection shows his passion for Avante-Garde and takes inspiration from everything about the lunatic asylum which he translates into design elements such as shapes,color,fabrication  etc to create the womenswear collection.

The inspiration behind “Beautiful Imperfection” is the asylum. At age 7 I had already started designing clothes for family and friends. I always had a problem with normal clothing so I tweaked designs up in all ways,  but the general comment I always had was ” you had to be insane to be able to wear the things I designed ” so in my final year I researched mental illness, as it was always been linked to my creativity.

My research led me to some very interesting discoveries linking mental illness to highest form of creative thinking as such as; The Association between Mental illness and creativity first appeared in literature in the 1970s, but the idea of a link between “madness” and “genius” is much older, dating back at least to the time of Aristotle. Many famous historical figures gifted with creative talents may have one way or the other been linked with mental asylum. Ludwig van Beethoven, Ernest Hemingway, Isaac Newton, and Robert Schumann 

In many instances, creativity share some common traits, such as a tendency for “thinking outside the box,” flights of ideas, speeding up of thoughts and heightened perception of visual, auditory and somatic stimuli. Research also has shown that top creatives among the many genius and mastermind fashion designers, and a few of the most successful fashion designers were associated with mental illness “Normal people think I’m insane” Karl largerfield. Most often than not, creatives look mentally ill as they have so many things going through their minds. Because Exceptional ideas are far more likely to be accepted by people, because psychology research has shown that people struggle in accepting change or new things. 

My collection – “Beautiful Imperfection” SS16 was inspired by something negative as mental illness and seeing beauty in something that is generally regarded as ugly and frightening. 

Colour Palette:
Cream,Black, Brown, Blue & White forms the main colours of the collection.

Fabric Choice:
Clothing worn by patients in the asylum inspired fabric selection, which mainly consist of cotton, linen, stout linen and calico.. The clothing worn by patients in the asylum of any description merits very careful attention, both as means of preserving health, and as one of the things re-acting on the minds.


My inspiration was taken from metal roofing sheets….

After researching into the various types of metal sheets used for roofing, I chose the corrugated galvanised sheets. The arrangement of the roofing sheets was the inspiration to kick starts the design development process. The ridges feature caused as a result of corrugation inspired lines, the juxtaposition of metal sheets that fork solid units on the building inspired layering effects on garments, the rusty state of the sheet inspired the colours and the roofing nails inspired the use of safety pins and dye, to the concept of security in garment construction.

Color :
mustard, grey, brown, gold and silver

Fabrics :
Lamè, crepe, duchess satin, neoprene, sequins fabric, lycra and leather.



Julia Shika Odamtten, Radiant Jackson and Michael Kofi Owusu are the THREE new 2015 Graduates from Radford University College, Ghana, selected for development and support at the initiative space in 2015 / 2016.
Each Graduate’s work projects their unique signature in design development and highlights their inspiration from conception to completion.




Inspiration: Eiffel Tower

Naa Shika takes inspiration from Urban Architecture in Paris – focused on the world-famous Eiffel Tower. The avid fashion illustrator expert and Graduate Designer – Shika Odamtten designs explores Sustainable Fashion, UP-CYCLING Denim fabrics to create edgy Urban Streetwear Collection, targeted at the youth with a love for Sports.

The inspiration for my collection takes reference from the Eiffel Tower, due to its general make up of metallic nature, which I am naturally drawn to as an artist.
Made of many bars of wrought iron, the geometric metal shapes and forms was the centre focus of inspiration for my designs.
The design direction is focused on Streetwear inspired by an object of history, consisting of features and qualities of the tower.

Colour Palette:
Denim Blue, Black, Metallic Gold, Camel & White forms the main colours of the collection.

Fabric Choice:
Combinations of natural and man-made fabrics are mixed to create edgy but wearable pieces mainly in denim, cotton jersey, stretchy dupion and mesh.


View Full Collection Here




Inspiration: Desert Geographical Feature and Scenes.

Kofi Owusu’s collection follows his passion for tailored garments for Menswear, taking inspiration from Africa’s dry Desert geographical scene, which he translates into golden coloured prints, and design detail shapes to create effortless modern-day tailored suits.

Studying Geography as one of my elective subjects in SHS gave me a broader understanding of nature, and how most of the geographical feature and Eco regions came to being. With interest and passion for tailoring and geography, I found the desert as an abounded area of land with hostile living condition for plants and animal life, but blessed with beautiful and interesting features capable of inspiring a formal Menswear collection.

The Concept:
After viewing and researching into the desert and its features, My ideas are narrow down to focus on curved and straight lines, uneven surface and cracks. Features like the Barchans, dislocated fault line, and dried Oasis beds exhibited these qualities. The qualities were translated to unique garment shapes and designs like gatherings, fabric print, pleats, folds, etc. in the tailored menswear collection.

Colour Palette
The tint and shades of the dominant colours of the desert was used. The colours were divided into two main groups which are the main and highlight colours. The main colours used are Grey, Brown, Army green, and Blue. Yellow and orange are also used for styling and detailing.

Fabric Choice:
Suiting fabrics in cotton and wool were used. These woven fabrics were flexible which made it possible to be molded into shape derived from the inspiration. Also using Computer Aided Design (CAD), I designed unique fabric print of cracks to depict the dryness of the desert.

The Gentleman:
The collection is made to please any gentleman who is outgoing, self-conscious of his personality (image), who desires comfort, and wish to make a bold impression at all times.


Accessories concept:
The uneven nature of the desert due to movement of plates, surfaces do break off, sink or side in, these natural features inspired the design of a business bag with a half-covered flap.


View Full Collection Here




Inspiration: Gladiator

Radiant Jackson takes a bold step in tackling Menswear and Tailoring as an emerging female fashion designer entrepreneur in Ghana. Inspired by the energy of the Gladiators – Radiant collection tackles tailoring and smart casual designs for the trend-led and the bold dapper dresser who wants something tailored but unique. Design direction takes on simple tailored cuts, with strap fastenings as the collection main design feature.

Taking reference from historical combaters, Gladiators are used as a source of inspiration for this collection.The elements found in the designs of the costumes, their weapon, to the main body of the garment inspired the adaption and introduction of the techniques of tiers depicting their “manicae”; a Latin word meaning “wraps of leather and cloth for the arm and wrist”, padded fabrics which depicts the “fascia” a leg padding worn below a greave. Repetition, binding, wrapping, top stitching and the introduction of more fastening examples bugles and zippers are used in the production of the designs.

The idea is to incorporate features found in the costumes of Gladiators into the modern fashion of men’s wear to create varieties in men’s wear purposely for footballers in Ghana, and as well a specific trend led Menswear collection.

The “GLADIANT” collection as themed, considered the target market male footballers in Ghana and chose colours and shapes from gladiators wear to create an enhanced collection. Some of these similarities are; gladiators protecting certain parts of their body before going for their battles, which Footballers also do on the Football pitch. On the battle grounds, it’s a win or lose situation for gladiators which also applies to footballers, Footballers are celebrated which was also the story of a Gladiator. Therefore, an inspired garment from a Gladiator is a great deal on a Footballer because they have great personalities.

Fabric Choice:
Leathers fabrics of all textures, polished cotton, linen, satin, corduroy were obtained through researching into the inspiration. Studs, bottoms, spikes and metals rivets represented their protective weapons. Examples are their helmets, shields, spears, swords and etc. Therefore these trimmings were carefully selected for producing this collection.

Colour Palette:
Colors where obtained from the colours of the images I used in creating the mood.
Black, Brown, Red, Beige, Rushed Gold, Silver, Blue and Charcoal Black, were obtained .


View Full Collection Here


Afua Anima Biney is the first 2014 Graduate Fashion Designer from Radford University College Ghana to be selected for development at the New Talent Spot initiative space 2014/2015 at Ghana Fashion & Design Week which launched in 2014.
Afua’s graduate collection focused on tailored garments that are inspired by Egyptian Mummy wrapping techniques, using neutral coloured linens as the main fabrics for the collection.






Inspiration: Death and Egyptian Mummies

Death, not so exciting but I was led on after losing a few loved ones and thinking it was so terrible, but relating it to my faith, I realised I could also create something beautiful out of it, since I believe it’s only a transition into another place. I then decided to narrow it down to Egyptian Mummies because even though death is not exciting and interesting, the ancient Egyptians had an interesting way of handling their dead and that involved mummification techniques.

The Concept:
Researching into the mummification techniques, shrouds or fabrics used as bandages were torn into strips to wrap up the dead bodies. My collection was inspired by the different ways of wrapping the mummies. The techniques were translated into designing the garments through lines that was shown in different directional ways and covered up designs.


Colour Palette:
In the process of mummification, neutral colour such as cream was used, and since I wanted to replicate this process I refused to shift away from that but rather expanded my range to use almost all the neutral colours that were cohesive

Fabric Choice:
A combination of cotton and linen was used. Again replicating what was used in the mummification process. I actually settled on these two when I had difficulty in obtaining my original choice, which were bandages for my collection. My cotton fabric was polished cotton which possessed stretch and that was one characteristic of bandages. The linen was maintained from the mummification process.


Bodies were wrapped tightly and fully with the shroud to absorb the liquid and preserve the dead body. This technique trickled down into the fit of my collection, which were close (tight) and loose-fitting. With the loose-fitting garments its uniqueness was with the way it covered up a figure especially around the neck and shoulder, and also to make something different from the famous Herve Leger, whose clothes are also inspired by bandaging, but always body hugging.

The Woman!
Any woman who desires contemporary elegance. One who is also outgoing, appreciates quality and wants to have heads turning wherever she goes.


Accessories Concept:
The concept of death and ancient Egyptian mummies are further extended into creating unique handbag designs in the shape of a skull and a mask.



View Full Collection Here


Follow 1:2:1 INTERVIEW with AFUA BINEY Here

About Radford University College 

Radford University College in Ghana is committed to providing learning environment that fosters success for its students through industrial attachment to graduation and attainment of a career and specialization.

The University also specialises in fashion, textiles and design degrees courses with a forward thinking approach that leads new generation of young Ghanaians to realise their potential through creative thinking for design application.

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  1. Awesome. Afua Biney is amazing and it’s great you guys have introduced the New Talent Spot.

    1. Thank you Laurie Frempong for your support for Afua and GFDW.
      We hope that this will encourage aspiring talents to challenge
      their creative abilities, and push all boundaries to be the best.
      We look forward to supporting the best talents and innovation in design.

    2. Thank you Seneh Bonsu.
      We are proud to be supporting RUC to achieve a common goal!

  2. Seneh Bonsu Nana says:

    U make as (RUC) proud……n proud in knowing u in person. Alll da best n much progress in ur design.

  3. Ella says:

    I am glad Afua made it to the top,she has always been a hard working and serious student.I remember when she had to sleep over at school and sew throughout the night. I am glad her hard work paid off. I pray more grease to her elbows and also pray that God keeps her strong and fit. Afua, always remember that;”WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE”.
    Yours ever,
    Emmanuella (RUC). .

    1. Thank you Emmanuella.
      For these words of encouragement for Afua.

      It is truly joyful to see ones hard work pay off.
      And even better to know you will find support after all the hard work
      to help you take the next steps forward at GFDW New Talent Spot.

      GFDW hope to continue to make the future bright. Thank you.

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